• Call sign GW7MGW
  • Active RAYNET
  • Packet Address @GB7OAR.#16.GBR.EU
  • Radio`s FT290R + FT50R
  • modem Baycom temp inactive on packet
  • Computer Amiga A1200 & P400 ups that's a little out of date.
  • My son Mark given up radio.
  • Call sign GW7PVD
  • Inactive RAYNET
  • Radio`s IC U16, IC290D, KenWood TH-22AT

Mold and District Amateur Radio Club (MADARC)

Pictures from dti "How to Improve Television and Radio Reception"

Instructions for AmiCom 2.2 with baycom diagram

Instructions for 7Plus all computers mac Pc amiga etc.

Other radio related sites addresses taken from list on packet radio.
Please email me if you find any of these links are no longer active. I do from time to time try some of the sites but with a list so long it is rare for the whole list to be checked.

  • - Radio stns on Internet
  • - www.rpi.edu/dept/union/w2sz/www
  • WWW-site for Callbooks, including QRZs listing, USA & UK: Columbia University
  • Callbook Servers
  • TAPR Packet Radio WWW site:
  • Misc for countries and cities with click on maps
  • Mid Glamorgan-South Wales-United Kingdom.
  • Amiga pages

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    This was downloaded from GB7OAR on 24th Dec 1998 as yet untested web sites.

    Tested bits have been moved to above this point. The only change I have made is to put in HTML format so clicking on each will auto-direct rather than you needing to type out route

    Links which may be of interest

    THIS list of links is not huge, but should enable you to search your way round the net for Amateur Radio information. 

    Callsign and QSL Databases





  • Icom (UK)
  • Kantronics
  • Kenwood
  • Standard
  • Ten-Tec
  • Yaesu
  • News


    Regulatory Bodies