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The family is now down to two. My wife Linda, and me Eric. We all play on computers. I was self trained, but in the 2004 year I have enrolled on a course "Access to IT". I then did a degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering. Linda has also been to collage and university and studied for a joint in English and IT. One item we both are involved in is the family tree. Linda does the hard work and makes the main copy, and I try to turn it into a HTML version and publish on the web.

The pages of this site are slowly being rewritten to encompass new skills and views. It will take some time to undertake this task. In the mean time you are invited to view the existing pages using this index page to assist navigation. But please remember views expressed on these pages may no longer be the view of the author. Also that advice may be biased on old concepts and ideas. Limitations of space mean many pictures are not stored on the main site which may cause a delay when viewing Due to loss of web space some pictures are missing.

As well as the family tree we have connections with countries around the world, and the web page is where we place pictures of interest to our friends, we feel this is a better option than email as it allows our friends to choose when they down-load.

We also include items of interest to others following the same hobbies, from Amateur Radio to the craft items of spinning, tea bag pictures, etc. To the left should appear an index for you to select pages. I have after many years gap returned to photography replacing the old SLR Ricoh XR7 for a Pentax K10D.

I hope the visitor will find something of interest. Next Page Facebook


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