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This is rather an old web page. Today the Ovi Suite works very well and there is no need to play around. However it may help if using an old phone.

I had a new phone with camera built in and off I went taking photos but then came the hard bit moving them to the computer. Like many more I went to buy a lead as emailing them worked out expensive. There were a number of leads available and I picked the one using the 9 pin serial connection as not all my computers had USB.

Next was software so I downloaded Nokia's free software this is where the problems started. I could not get it to work. I got to point where it found connection and that was it, I removed and reloaded many times with every combination of driver first the lead and phone but all to no avail.

With the lead was a CD which had loads of ring tones etc. Looking carefully I found software called Oxygen Phone Manager II which I tried to load. Again did not work. Then I removed the Nokia free stuff and bingo the Oxygen Phone Manager II worked. This was a free version that had some features disabled but it did what I needed it allowed me to get my photos off the phone and to load in new ring tones.

Well the family started to up grade and more and more photo phones were got, with one we got free lead with phone so again tried the Nokia's free software and yes it worked but this family member went to work away and took with them the lead so we got another lead this time USB but same as before Nokia's free software would not find lead and phone.

The old Oxygen Phone Manager II would not work with new phone so downloaded new version which was a lot smaller than Nokia's free software so a lot quicker. Yes it found lead without a problem and new software also supported new phone.

Conclusion:- For hassle free downloading of phone pictures use Oxygen Phone Manager II it takes less time to download and most important it works.

There are it seems quite a few leads

  1. DKU-5/CA-42
  2. DKU-2
  3. DAU-9P/FBUS

Also Infra-red and Bluetooth

Oxygen Phone Manager II will work with all the leads and Infra-red but does not seem to have Bluetooth but the latter I see as a problem where one house member found his phone had connected to the computer while in a different room and another family member was reading his text messages not really what is wanted. The DKU-2 worked with Nokia's free software but the other two failed. DAU-9P/FBUS is the lead I use which uses a Serial port leaving the USB ports free for other items. One further point to remember is with the Nokia's free software it has to match the computers operating system and software for XP with not work with Windows 98se and since I run a duel boot system as some items will not work with XP the modem for example then with Nokia's free software I have to install two versions but with Oxygen Phone Manager II I only install one.

I hope this helps people in sorting out their phone to computer connections and save them the hassle I went through trying to connect my phone to the computer.

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