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Transport looking at site like http://anthony258.fotopic.net/ there seems to be little composition and it just shows a series of pictures showing trains, buses, boats and planes.

Industry is a completely different option http://www.accolade-photography.com/industrial_photography/industrial_photography_index.htm shows the range within industry and photos like this show the way in which light can be used to make an uninteresting place a good photo.

Architecture on looking here http://photo.net/learn/architectural/exterior it follows on from Industry and includes items like the great wall of China. Some is special because of the location both of subject and photographer. Some is because type of lens with wide angle and fish eye being used a lot. But there is also the true art where what seems rather mundane is shown in a new light.http://photo.net/philip-greenspun/photos/pcd4235/big-save-30.2.jpg

History the National Trust http://c1.alamy.com/thumbs/4/%7B7950D93B-2DF2-4FDA-BCED-F9FAF46702B1%7D/B8XDDG.jpg has a huge library showing items under their care and archaeology uses photography to record items before continuing with a dig which gives two very different uses with both record keeping and advertisement. Again there is a link with previous subject and the great wall of China would also fall into this category.

Urban this is a real mixture http://www.urbanlandscape.org.uk/ even shows transport bringing it all around full circle. http://www.urbanlandscape.org.uk/feltham1-small.jpg

Landscapes here http://www.tonyhowell.co.uk/ it seems to also include much of what has already been seen. One notable thing about these photographs are the format. It is common to set printers to “Landscape” or “Portrait” but in these, he has gone even further with a panoramic view. http://www.tonyhowell.co.uk/new/4611westoniiii.jpg

Also must look into how to use Visio on collage computers!