411.3.2.2 The maximum disconnection time stated in Table 41.1 shall be applied to final circuits not exceeding 32 A.

TABLE 41.1
Maximum disconnection times

System     50V < U0≤ 120 V     
120V < U0≤ 230 V     
230V < U0≤ 400 V     
U0>400 V
a.c. d.c. a.c. d.c. a.c. d.c. a.c. d.c.
TN 0.8 Note 1 0.4 5 0.2 0.4 0.1 0.1
TT 0.3 Note 1 0.2 0.4 0.07 0.2 0.04 0.1

Where, in a TT system, disconnection is achieved by an overcurrent protective device and protective
equipotential bonding is connected to all the extraneous-conductive-parts within the installation in accordance
with Regulation 411.3.1.2, the maximum disconnection times applicable to a TN system may be used.
Un is the nominal a.c. rms or d.c. line voltage to Earth.
NOTE 1: Disconnection is not required for protection against electric shock but may be required for other reasons,
such as protection against thermal effects.
NOTE 2: Where compliance with this regulation is provided by an RCD, the disconnection times in accordance
with Table 41.1 relate to prospective residual fault currents significantly higher than the rated residual
operating current of the RCD (typically 2 In)Deleated July 2008.